iOS apps (iPad iPhone iPod)

iOS apps (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

Pocket Luach – $1.99 – Hebrew Dates, Siddur with brachos, zmanim, Jewish Holiday View, etc.

iOS iPhone app: On Your Way - ובלכתך בדרךOn Your Way – ובלכתך בדרך – Free – Siddur, Tanach with Rashi, Onkelus, Eben Ezra, Ramban Sforno and more, Mishna – with Bartenura and Tosafot Yom Tov, Talmud – Rashi and tosfot, Midrash Raba, Tanchuma and Shimoni, Sifrei Halacha, Mussar (Tomer Devorah, Mesillat Yesharim), Kabbalah, and much more.


Kol Halashon KioskKol Halashon Kiosk – Free – Kol Halashon Kiosk gives streaming access to any one of the over 200,000 Mp3 audio shiurim, and over 10,000 Mp4 videos. It will also enable you to download any one of the shiurim for off-line learning.


Torah Lectures By Ace Web Opt Dev


Torah Lectures – Free – Over 100,000 Torah Lectures from


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Daf Hachaim (iPad Only) – Free – Daf HaChaim is a revolution in Talmud study that makes learning easier, clearer, and more accessible than ever before. Includes a brief Intro to the Daf by an on-screen Magid Shiur using animated charts and graphics that make the concepts exceptionally clear, a Daf Yomi shiur with clear tzuras hadaf, and animated flowcharts & graphics to present a review and summary of the Daf.

ArtScroll Digital Library – Free (with with in-app purchases) – Schottenstein Digital Edition of the Talmud. Hebrew English Gemara from Artscroll. Get the first 7 blatt of Eruvin free. Purchasing Options: $13.99 per Masechta, 1 daf for $0.99, or a month Daf Yomi subscription for $9.99/mon.

PowerSefer Daf Yomi – Free – Great for Daf Yomi. View and Search the Talmud with a built-in Dictionary.



גימטריהגימטריה – Free – Type words with the Hebrew keyboard and see what it’s numerical value is in Gematria.






cRc Kosher – Free – Check the kashrus of fruits, vegetables, beverages, Slurpee flavors, passover items, and view a list of recommended kashrus symbols.
OU Kosher – Free – Kashrus Alerts and a lists of certified products.
KOF-K Kosher – Free – Kashrus Alerts and vegetable guide.
OK Kosher Food Guide – Kosher food list with parve, pas yisroel, cholov yisroel, dairy, etc. labels.
OK Vegetable Checking Guide – Free – Guide with advice for checking vegetables for bugs.
MK Kosher – Free – MK Kosher list of certified products and kosher status. Snap a picture of an item or kosher symbol to find more information about it. And view a list of restaurants certified by MK Kosher.




TES Talmud Dictionary – $14.99 – Aramaic-English Dictionary for Targumim, Talmud, and Midrashic Literature, shows the actual page of the Jastrow Dictionary.

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